How Can I Determine the Right Size of My Satellite Dish?

Jun. 18, 2021

It is said that the larger the diameter of Satellite Dish, the better the reception will be. In principle, this is also true, but it is not only the size that determines the reception quality. In addition, when choosing the size, you must also consider where you want to install the satellite dish and how many receivers you want to provide for it, taking into account the following main factors.

Satellite selection

The ideal diameter of the satellite dish depends on the target satellite. Under good conditions, a small model with a diameter of 45 or 50 cm is sufficient, other satellites require a larger satellite dish.

Satellite Dish

Satellite Dish

Weather Conditions

What are "good conditions"? The weather can have a significant impact on satellite reception. With a smaller satellite dish, signals are more likely to be interrupted in rain, hail or snow. If you want to ensure good reception even in bad weather, you should choose a satellite dish with a diameter of at least 60 cm.


Location also plays a role in the choice of satellite dish. In some areas, the reception of some satellites is weak from the start, in which case you should also choose a larger model. The best way to determine if this aspect is important to your situation is to contact an on-site Satellite Dish Supplier.

If you have your own house, you can basically choose the size of the satellite dish, as long as you can choose to firmly connect the corresponding model. 60 to 80 cm in diameter is a good choice here.

If you live in a rented apartment, you first have to talk to your landlord about whether you must install an antenna on the wall of your house. You may not drill holes in the external wall without permission. If the landlord prohibits fixed installations, you can usually switch to a small satellite dish, which you can fix to the balcony railing, for example. However, if there is already a cable or satellite connection in the house, this must also be approved.

Note: Even if you own the apartment, you will need to get permission to install a satellite dish - in this case, permission from the landlord's community.

Number of Recipients

The more subscribers supplied, the larger the diameter of the satellite dish should be. If there are more than four satellite receivers, the diameter should be at least 80 cm.

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