Features of VSAT Satellite Communication System

Apr. 20, 2021

VSAT Satellite Communication System has very obvious characteristics, which mainly include the following aspects:

VSAT Satellite

VSAT Satellite

(1) The diameter of the earth station antenna is small, generally below 2 meters, and currently more often used is 1.2~1.8 meters. Mountaineers sometimes use the diameter of 0.3 m portable personal earth station.

(2) Transmitting power is small, generally between 1~3 watts.

(3) The mass is very light, commonly used for tens of kilograms, some small to a few kilograms, easy to carry.

(4) inexpensive, economical and practical. Vsat System not only the equipment is sold at a low price, and it achieved economic benefits far greater than the price of equipment.

(5) Short construction period. It is much simpler than the traditional means of terrestrial communications, without the need to set up cables, fiber optic cables. VSAT satellite communication system, as long as the necessary equipment can be installed at both ends of the communication, and the installation of this equipment is also relatively simple.

(6) The cost of communication is not related to the distance of communication. In a general communication system, the longer the distance, the higher the cost, while VSAT satellite communication is not related to the distance, and the farther the distance, the more suitable for VSAT communication.

(7) VSAT satellite communication is not affected by terrain and climatic environment because it does not require the erection of ground facilities and is subject to little interference from the ground.

(8) The biggest advantage of VSAT satellite communication technology is that it is flexible, easy to expand, and easy to maintain because it does not have complex ground equipment.

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