How Should I Choose My Caravan TV Equipment?

Sep. 02, 2021

Travelling in a motorhome means getting away from the daily grind, spending time with family and friends, visiting new places and doing new things. You can be in the great outdoors, wander, explore and then get back to basics.

However, many RVers choose to spend their downtime watching a TV programme or two. A TV station near where you park can be a great source of information. Whether you already have a TV satellite dish inside your caravan or are looking for a new one for your caravan, here are a few things you need to know about them.

RJCZ-600-C automatic satellite TV dish for RV

RJCZ-600-C automatic satellite TV dish for RV

A real RV TV

It may seem like you can plug any home TV into your motorhome and call it a caravan TV, but this may be wrong. Older CRT models (the big, bulky kind) may seem like a good TV to use in your caravan, but they are not. CRT TVs are not designed to withstand all the bumps and bruises of a moving vehicle and therefore may not last very long.

LCD TVs are very advanced, but remember that they are not designed for use in caravans. For the same reason as above. Many other caravan TV models have anti-glare screens, which means they are easier to view during the day.

12v RV

TVs are very handy, especially for smaller motorhomes. You'll also find RV TVs that use normal AC plugs. Ultimately, if you're in the market for a new RV TV, you just want to make sure it will run on the type of power you have readily available. Yes, you can buy some adapters, but if you buy the right type of TV for your RV setup, you will have less to worry about and fewer devices to keep working properly.

Consider your size

Most RV TV models are not as large as the large-screen home TVs we are used to; they are usually up to 19 or 20 inches. This may seem small, but given the more compact size of the RV (compared to your home living room) and the closer the viewer sits to the RV TV, the smaller the size makes sense. As for mounting options, fixed brackets for fixing the TV to the wall are popular, as are RV TV stands and shoulder straps. However, flip-up TVs for RV can save space by being completely out of your line of sight.

Installation services

Many motorhome parks offer cable TV connections for guests. This may not help you when you're driving on the motorway, but once you've reached your destination, you'll most likely be able to access a hundred channels.

Want to watch local TV after parking? You'll need an RV TV aerial to receive any kind of signal. As for where to point the antenna to get a decent picture, use a free internet service or the DTV reception map provided by the FCC to find out what stations are nearby and in which direction they are located.

If you really want to watch TV in your motorhome, you might consider investing in a subscription to a satellite RV dish service. You will also need a dome antenna to receive the signal, preferably one that works when your RV is in motion. To be sure, this is an expensive investment, but on the plus side you can watch TV in your motorhome while you ride.

Another option

A regular motorhome TV isn't the only entertainment option for your caravan. If you prefer to watch films or TV programmes on disc rather than live TV, then the DVD is a good option, and you don't have to worry about reception, satellite service or cable issues.

Another option is to ditch the caravan TV altogether! You can just as easily watch video content on your laptop or iPad. However, please note that laptops and tablets are not suitable for good public viewing if you prefer to watch things as a family. In any case, you need to consider your own specific TV viewing habits and desires.

Just because you put a TV in your caravan doesn't mean it's a caravan TV. But it's certainly easy to arrange the home entertainment setup you want. Keep this in mind when you're ready to buy a new caravan TV or set up viewing options for the caravan season. Please follow us to get more details about your RVs and television services. We'll give you our sincere advice, and we have customized antenna for you.