How To Install a Car Satellite Antenna On a Motorhome?

Mar. 24, 2021

For modern young people, RVs are no longer unfamiliar. Many young people like to drive RVs to travel. As the name suggests, RVs are vehicles like houses that have the functions of a house, such as watching TV, or when it comes to watching TV. The idea is to install a car satellite antenna, so how to install a car satellite antenna on the RV? The Satellite Antenna Supplier will share with you:

Satellite Antenna

Satellite Antenna

The steps to install the car satellite antenna of the RV are as follows:

1. Install the indoor equipment and wiring harness into the compartment of the RV closet. Once installed, add a baffle, which will not affect the storage of the closet again.

2. The control handle is connected to the black drive box slot through a white wire harness similar to a telephone line. The drive box is mainly used to control the outdoor antenna, providing users with an interactive man-machine interface, and providing antenna-related settings and controls. Wait for the order. The satellite information can be clearly seen from a blue screen on the control handle.

3. The drive box is used to control the motor of the outdoor antenna and execute control commands. The drive box itself also needs electricity to work. At the interface of the drive box, a wire harness composed of red, yellow and black is connected to the 12V car battery on the motorhome to ensure that the drive box works normally.

4. The drive box and the external antenna are connected by a thicker black wire harness. This wire harness has two interfaces. The thicker end interface is connected to the drive box. It is mainly used to execute the operation commands of the control handle and transmit it to the outside. Only when the antenna is installed, an external antenna can be used to search for satellites.

After finding the satellite information, the TV signal we need is transmitted to the drive box through the coaxial cable, and the drive box performs information integration processing. There is also a common single-pin antenna at the output port of the drive box to input the signal to the set-top box equipment Inside.

5. The TV signal output from the drive box is transmitted to the TV set-top box, and the three red, yellow and white wire harnesses of the set-top box are connected to the radio frequency port of the TV, so that a complete indoor wiring installation is completed.

6. The indoor wiring harness needs to be connected to the outdoor antenna to work properly, so we need to make holes in the roof.

7. After the drilling is completed, lead the indoor wiring harness to the roof of the car through the hole. Since the roof has been opened, the remaining holes and gaps should be sealed after the antenna installation is completed to prevent water leakage.

8. The outdoor antenna will be equipped with a metal base. Before installation, the base must be fixed to the roof of the car, and the surface of the base contacting the roof of the car should be coated with sealant and the roof for bonding. Wait a while until the contact surface of the base is completely Fix it to the roof of the car.

9. The wiring harness is connected to the outdoor antenna. The Satellite Antenna is fixed to the base, and the outdoor antenna has been installed.

10. Finally, there is a debugging process. After turning on the power, the system will automatically check the antenna. After the automatic check is over, the word POWER OFF will appear on the screen. Press POWER ON once, the antenna will automatically search for the last searched satellite. The system will keep searching until the satellite signal is locked. After locking, the system will look for the maximum value of the target satellite, and this process will last about 20 seconds.

I hope that the above sharing will be helpful to everyone. In addition, the company also provides a TV Satellite Antenna. Please feel free to contact us if you need it.

Pay attention to the following points when installing:

①The installation location should be in a relatively open location, such as the roof of a car, and ensure that there are no obstacles that may block the rotation of the antenna in an area with a radius of one meter centered on the antenna base.

②Before powering on, make sure that there are no obstacles blocking the signal in the direction of the target satellite.

③After confirming the above two items, you can connect the hardware.