Landscape of VSAT Satellite Communications

Aug. 04, 2021

Traditional telecommunication services have developed rapidly in recent years. For most developing countries, the quality and penetration of telecommunication networks have yet to be improved. Satellite communication has gradually taken an important place as a means of communication under special environmental conditions. Vsat Satellite Supplier BAFANG RUIJIE shows you its future trend.

VSAT Satellite Communications

Status of VSAT satellite development

VSAT is a technology that emerged in the satellite communication industry in the 1980s. It is called "Very Small Aperture Terminal" in Chinese. It refers to an intelligent small or miniature earth station with a very small aperture antenna that can be easily installed at the user's location. Vsat network technology can not only provide communication services in areas where terrestrial lines are not available, but can also compete with terrestrial lines in terms of performance, types of services offered, availability, transmission costs and expansion costs.

According to ChinaSat's plan, broadband satellites for ChinaSat's eastern and western nodes will be launched by 2023 to enhance land and ocean coverage and achieve basic coverage capability for the "One Belt, One Road". The capacity of the in-orbit high-throughput satellite system will be no less than 300 Gbps. It is foreseeable that with the launch of high-throughput satellites, the satellite communication market will become stronger and stronger, followed by the rise of a number of terminal satellite equipment companies, communication application and operation companies.

The main application areas of VSAT satellite

With its advantages of wide coverage and independence from geographical conditions, vsat system complements terrestrial communication systems and is widely used in areas where terrestrial communication systems are difficult to cover or where construction costs are too high. Satellite communication has penetrated into every aspect of society and has a great and far-reaching impact and penetration on the upgrading of traditional industries such as military, economy, telecommunication, broadcasting, transportation, agriculture, and the development of new industries.

VSAT communication has become an increasingly important satellite communication method because of its small size, intelligence, low requirements for the use environment, and independence from ground network restrictions. The following are some of the rapidly developing application areas.

1) Emergency communications

2Military applications

3)Commercial ship communication

4)Mobile reception of satellite TV

5) Mobile office

6) Management of scientific research and water construction

7) Transportation management

8) Aviation broadband

Ka120cm VSAT satellite dish with high accuracy reflector

Overview of the competitive landscape

At present, domestic and foreign satellite navigation vsat antennas have achieved market competition, and there are many market players. According to the technical strength, R&D strength, production scale and other factors, domestic manufacturers can be roughly divided into the following two categories.

(1) Manufacturers with independent antenna R&D and production capacity. These manufacturers produce the core components of satellite navigation antennas - microwave dielectric antennas, with strong independent design and production capacity of satellite navigation antennas, and can make necessary adjustments according to the needs of customers.

(2) Other antenna assembly manufacturers. This type of manufacturers generally do not have the microwave dielectric antenna component research and development technology, only through the outsourcing of microwave dielectric antenna for simple assembly and processing. Compared with the first type of manufacturers, this type of manufacturers have a large gap in product quality and technical level.

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