Ku band 3m satellite dish can be used in VSAT, TVRO application and Ku band

The antennas are widely used in many countries, they are reliable.


The 3m Ku band antenna reflector’s electrical characteristics is good, such as high efficiency, low sidelobe, and high cross-polarization.

The antenna can install easily, even don’t need hoist.

The antenna reflectors are assembled with smaller pieces of components, it is easy to transported.

The antenna surfaces have undergone strict treatment, coating material is very good. anti-corrosion is very good.

Easy to maintenance.


TypeKU band 3m Satellite dish
Operating FrequencyFire14.00 ~ 14.50
Receiving10.95 ~ 12.75
Power capacity5KW
Antenna gainFire≥ 51.2
Receiving≥ 49.7
Antenna Noise Temperature (K)(Elevation10 °)52
First side Lobe (dB)≤ -14
Work Surrounding Temperature-35℃~+55℃