Application of VSAT Satellite Technology

Apr. 08, 2021

VSAT stations can easily form flexible and economical network systems of different scales, different speeds, and different purposes. A VSAT Network generally can accommodate 200 to 500 stations, with application forms such as broadcast, point-to-point, two-way interactive, and collection. It can be applied to developed countries as well as countries with underdeveloped technologies and economically backward countries, especially in remote areas with complex terrain, inconvenient wiring and sparsely populated areas. Because it can be directly equipped to individuals, it also has important military significance. In summary, VSAT technology can be applied to the following aspects.

Satellite TV

Satellite TV

(1) Popularize satellite TV broadcasting and Satellite TV education, and transmit broadcast TV and commercial TV signals, especially for remote areas of our country. Using this method can play a great role in the construction of material civilization and spiritual civilization.

(2) It is used in the finance and financial system and the securities system to dynamically track and manage the market situation, which greatly shortens the capital turnover cycle. Shenzhen's securities trading system uses the VSAT system to communicate with customers in all directions.

(3) It is used for the management of water conservancy construction, monitoring hydrological changes, and preventing and reducing losses from natural disasters. The VSAT system can timely transmit information obtained by meteorological satellites, marine satellites, resource satellites and ground detection stations.

(4) For the management of transportation. Developed countries abroad have used VSAT for railway operation and dispatch, which has greatly eased the tension in transportation. With VSAT, you can easily carry out calls, telex and telegraph services between any two places, saving money and time.

(5) Military application. In the 1991 Gulf War, the multinational force used VSAT to conduct a large number of mobile communications, and even equipped it to every soldier.

(6) Application of emergency communications and communications in remote areas. VSAT is the most convenient emergency communication backup system for natural disasters or emergencies

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